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Welcome to the Oxford Open Learning Trust.

Here at the Oxford Open Learning Trust we are dedicated to helping you achieve your goals at a time and place that suits you. Whether you describe our courses as distance learning, home study, learning from home, or correspondence courses, it all adds up to the same thing for you, the best home study packages available in the UK .

Our distance learning courses start with a call to one of our Student Advisers, who will be able to give you advice and help both choosing a course and letting you know exactly what to expect when studying by distance learning.

Accredited Qualifications

Whilst all learning is useful, it is vital to be able to demonstrate your achievements when you are applying for a job or looking to move on to higher education. That is why nearly all Oxford Open Learning courses are linked to nationally recognised qualifications.

Distance Learning GCSEs

If you didn’t get the qualifications you need at school, don’t let it hold you back. With the help of our expert teachers and comprehensive GCSE distance learning packs, we’re confident that you’ll pass with flying colours.

Offering an ideal platform for further study and the wider working world, GCSEs and IGCSEs are a highly valued academic qualification. Not only can they open up opportunities for higher education, they can also stand you in good stead for future employment. Even if you already have several GCSEs but are missing core subjects such as English or Mathematics, you may find that your options are limited.

In a recent YouGov survey commissioned by the Trust, 41% of respondents reported that a lack of qualifications or skills had prevented them from applying for new jobs or progressing in their current roles. Many of the Oxford Open Learning Trust’s distance learning students are graduates who have found that they need these qualifications to enter into their chosen career, whether it be teaching, nursing or any other line of work.

Distance Learning IGCSEs
The International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) offers students a comprehensive curriculum that serves to develop their knowledge and skills.

IGCSEs provide an excellent foundation for future education, such as A level , BTEC vocational courses and other qualifications that are recognised by employers internationally and by the University and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS). Grade for grade, they are equivalent to GCSEs.

Available to students in over 150 countries worldwide, IGCSE qualifications are increasingly gaining popularity in the UK and are often preferred to GCSEs by many reputable independent schools. Approximately 300 British independent schools now offer IGCSEs. Over 1.5 million students from around the world take IGCSE exams annually, with over 40,000 entries in the UK alone.

Distance Learning A Levels

Oxford Open Learning has a wide range of A levels on offer. These are still the gold standard of the English examination system. They are highly rated by employers and are required for most university degree courses. You believe you will find studying A levels by distance learning a stimulating and rewarding experience.

In 2014, the Government announced alterations to A levels which will impact students who aim to sit their examinations from June 2017 onwards. From 2017, candidates are required to take both the AS and the A2 examinations in the same sitting to achieve an A level grade.

Oxford Open Learning is in the process of devising brand new A level courses for candidates aiming to sit their examinations in June 2017. Please see our New A levels page for further details.

Breaking News

Oxford Open Learning has just formed a partnership with the Marine Society to provide GCSE and A levels to the Royal Navy.

Distance Learning

Distance Learning is simply defined as studying a structured course yet with the flexibility to chose your own study time and place When you decide to study with Oxford Open Learning, you will be provided with a course pack which has been specifically written to the syllabus of the awarding body of your chosen qualification. You will receive a high level of proactive support from both your tutor and your Student Adviser.

Contacting Oxford Open Learning

By Phone

Oxford Open Learning has a team of Student Advisers who are there just to help you. Our advice lines are open 9am to 7.45pm Monday to Thursday and 9am to 4.45pm on Fridays. Simply call us for free on 0800 9 75 75 75

Email us at

Oxford Open Learning has been offering the highest quality course materials since 1985.

We pride ourselves that our academic standards are the highest in the Distance Learning sector. For example, last year 79% of our Mathematics GCSE students achieved a grade C or above. This is set against a national average of just 50%.

Still got questions? Read our FAQs here.

Oxford Home Schooling

Are you looking for GCSEs for 13 to 18 year olds? Oxford Open Learning has started Oxford Home Schooling to cater specifically for home educators.

What is a KS3 course?

Quite simply, Key Stage 3 is the education a student is expected to receive in UK schools from the ages of 11 to 14.

Our courses have been designed to cover the same material as the National Curriculum.

How you use our courses is up to you. Most parents feel that they want their child to study the entirety of the course and do not wish to miss any aspects out. Others choose to deliberately miss some sections, for example, our Science course touches on the Darwinian Theory of Evolution.

As a parent you are able to decide yourself whether you would wish your child to cover this topic or not. We will be as flexible as you are.

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Our Courses

A Levels
Applied Mathematics
Basic Skills in English and Maths
Bookkeeping for the Small Business
Business Studies
Children, courses for - General Education
Combined Sciences
Computerised Accounting
Computers: Software
Cost Accounting
English Language
English Literature
Financial Accountancy
Internet Training
Maintaining Financial Records & Accounts
Mathematics with Mechanics
Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Publisher)
Personal Computing
Preliminary Maths
Pure Mathematics
Sage Accounting
Science IGCSE (Double Award)
Statistics & Applied Mathematics
Transaction Accounting

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