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ABCC is the only trade association in the UK dedicated to distance learning providers.

Our Member Colleges all sign and agree to abide by our Code of Ethics. This Code is your assurance of the high standards of all our course providers.

Our Member Colleges can provide between them distance learning courses in a vast range of subjects. Study at home, at work or wherever is most convenient to you. Go our Courses pages to explore, or type the name of the course you are looking for in the box.

 ABCC – for the best in Distance Learning

Student Stories

We are very proud of the achievements of our students; we are pleased to present some of their stories on our Award Winning Students pages.


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Latest News

Chris Middleton, our first student Honorary Member

Chris Middleton, student with Oxbridge and winner of ABCC's Certificate of Merit, described what led him to discovering and profiting by distance learning. Read more...

Ideal Schools in the news

Emi Darnton used her first maternity leave to retrain and gain the skills needed to set up her own business. She says "I was delighted in April 2018 to be made a fellow of the ICB, something that makes me proud and highlights the successful career I have made with the help of Ideal Schools." Read more...

Famous people who went back to education

To inspire you, we’ve got a list of famous people who went back to education after they became household names. Some of these celebrities have the most recognisable faces in the world, but they didn’t let that stop them from getting their degrees and bettering themselves. Read more...

Latest from the Blog

Finding the course you want

Finding the Course You Want - A good provider will give support, but will leave you in control. So you need to be sure the course is right for you before you buy. Learning is a lifelong investment; it is important to invest wisely. Here are some questions to ask yourself and the provider, before you buy.  Read more...

Education should be “at the heart” of prisons, says Dame Sally Coates

Education "should be at the heart of prisons," says Dame Sally Coates. Prime Minister David Cameron lays out plans for prison reform. Read more...

How to study at home

Mind-set, consistent pace and continuous enthusiasm are the most important properties you could have, with maybe intelligence coming up close behind! Read more...