College of Media and Publishing | March 1st, 2016

Record numbers of businesses are using CMP courses

CMP is now providing courses for more businesses and organisations than ever before.

Our copywriting course and proofreading course are providing very popular, along with our webediting course and our web writing course.

Many multinational companies use us for Continuing Professional Development See details

Businesses and organisations come to us because:

  • Our principal, Cleland Thom, is an experienced, nationally-recognised trainer and consultant. He works with many multinational FTSE 100 companies as well as renowned media, educational, governmental and non-profit institutions. See them
  • Staff can fit their studies around other commitments, so their day-to-day work does not suffer.
  • We can tailor training programmes according to individual needs and produce bespoke courses when necessary.
  • Our learning materials are focused, time-efficient, up-to-date and written by experts.
  • Our tutors are highly respected industry professionals who will provide the best training and support
  • We can support our online courses with classroom training, if required.
  • We can work intensively, 1-2-1, to help individual employees deal with particular issues.