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Professional Sales Techniques

Find Job Security! Learn the Secrets of Successful Selling with Specialist Sales Training.

Selling is the most important part of any business and those who master professional sales techniques are highly sought after. With sound selling skills you can earn more money, win promotion, apply for better positions, work freelance or start a business selling your own products or services.

So that you can improve your sales techniques we offer you:

  • a first-class home study course written by both distance learning experts and sales training professionals
  • expert guidance from your personal tutor

Your Professional Sales Techniques course will teach you how to:

  • plan your sales talk sequence
  • modify your behaviour to sell more
  • find prospects
  • get to the buyer
  • use features and benefits
  • demonstrate and use visual aids
  • sell yourself

Your course includes –

Tips on writing a successful sales letter
Sales letters are the life-blood of any company – without them no-one would know what it is you are selling, what it costs or how it could benefit them. So, being able to write brilliant sales letters is a real bonus.

Adopting a positive mental attitude to selling
Successful selling, much like everything else in this life, is highly dependent on your mental attitude. If you start thinking it’s going to fail – then you can be pretty sure that it will.

How to use features and benefits to sell successfully
It is a well-known fact in sales circles that the easiest way to increase your sales is to use features and benefits. They are essential for convincing your sales prospect that the product or service you are offering will make their lives easier, more enjoyable, less rushed or whatever.

Presenting your ideas to a group or audience
If you are not used to presenting your ideas to a group, it can be nerve-wracking – especially if you feel unprepared for it. But, fear not, there are some simple, but highly effective, measures you can take to ensure you are fully prepared and confident when the time comes.

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