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The School of Health – courses in alternative and complementary therapies and homeopathy

The School of Health was founded as ‘Alternative Training’ in 1987.

We have changed our name… to The School of Health

We have been growing into our new name for some time now,
and we feel that the time has come to take the leap and Be the Change.

So, on 16th May 2017 we changed our name from Alternative Training to The School of Health. The School of Health is a much more descriptive name that better expresses who we are and what we do – and it also sits perfectly alongside The School of Homeopathy. SOH and SOH, if you like!

The former name Alternative Training has existed for 30 years since the company’s birth in 1987, however natural medicine is far more mainstream in today’s world and needs no longer be seen as just an alternative. It is integrated and complementary. Our dream is for people to think of natural medicine as an everyday choice.

We are always investing in our courses, online learning, movie lectures, chatrooms and personal events and, just as the course experience has grown, there is a sense that we are more than just a training centre – we feel ‘School’ is a better fit.

So what has changed?

The website name – but the old URL will still work.
Our email addresses – but the old ones will still work.
Our postal address and phone numbers stayed the same.
We are updating the name on all course material and stationery, but you may sometimes see the old name. It will take us a while to get around to everything!
Contacting tutors remains the same.

We hope you like the change as much as we do!

The School of Health

Over 500 students enrol on our courses every year. We are truly global, with students in more than 50 countries. We take personal pride in our service because it is dedicated to your development as a healer.

Our courses are widely recommended and used as an integrated part of education by hundreds of students, colleges and societies in the UK and around the world.

Study Options with the School of Health

For most of our home study courses you have the option of studying either via correspondence (paper units posted to you) or e-learning (online). The course is identical, it is only the delivery system that changes, whatever you choose you will receive the best education and materials collected from some of our finest teaching across the years. Study can be started when you like and for each module you are given twice the amount of time required to complete it, giving you complete flexibility.


  • Sent in the post
  • Study at your own pace
  • Ideal for those who do not have access to a computer
  • Data Disc containing DVDs and CDs sent with the pack
  • Online support tools provided, but are optional


  • Instant online access to course materials
  • Stream audio and audio visual recordings online
  • Hand in assignments online, no postal fees
  • Feedback from tutors received quickly
  • Instant chat to connect with other students

Our Courses

Alternative Therapies
Anatomy & Physiology for Homeopathy
Anatomy and Physiology
Anatomy and Physiology for Natural Health
Clinical Observation in Homeopathy
Complementary Therapies
First Aid for Baby (Homeopathy)
First Aid for Home (Homeopathy)
First Aid for Pets (Homeopathy)
Homeopathy - Introduction to Research in Homeopathy
Homeopathy - Setting up in Practice
Homeopathy Foundation Course
Homeopathy Higher Diploma
Homeopathy Taster Course
Natural Health
Nutrition Advisor
Nutrition Naturopathic course (in development)
Nutrition for Home
Nutritional Therapy
Pathology & Disease course for Homeopathy
Pathology and Disease Course for Natural Health
Physical Examination in Homeopathy
Sensation and System in Homeopathy - post-graduate course
Yoga Foundation Course
Yoga Teacher Training Course (China only)
Yoga Therapy Course (China only)

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The School of Health – alternative and complementary therapies

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