Totka Lefedjiev |Student with BSY Group – Courses to change your life

Totka Lefedjiev – The road from science to alternative medicine

I was born in Bulgaria and worked as a mechanical design engineer until 1991 when my family moved to Britain. Although my academic background was science and technology, I have always had a great interest in alternative healing. I strongly believe that holistic approach to health is the way forward.

I became professionally involved with complementary therapies in 2003, when I enrolled at Dundee College to study Holistic Massage and Reflexology courses, provided by the International Therapy Examination Council (ITEC).

My fascination with the power of the human body to heal itself gradually increased. In 2010 I decided to continue my formal education through distance learning with the British School of Yoga (BSY), and after three years of intense studying I obtained qualifications in Iridology, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Post-traumatic Stress Disorder Management, and Professional Hypnotherapy. In 2012 I was initiated to a Reiki Master.

It all started as a hobby, but in 2015 I stepped down from office work and became a self-employed Holistic therapist in May 2016. I offer a unique combination of therapies that work perfectly together by addressing the physical body, as well as the mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of the individual, including the subconscious mind and bio-energy field. Also, with the help of knowledge in Iridology I am able to determine any constitutional weaknesses and genetic predispositions by examining the iris of the eyes.

At present, I totally enjoy the newly found freedom of being my own master and to be able to help people overcome physical and psychological difficulties. Thanks to the opportunity and flexibility provided by distant learning facilities, I managed to work and study at the same time.