Stephen Ferguson |Student with BSY Group – Courses to change your life

How to Master your Health and Happiness


Nutritional Therapy
Drama Healing Therapy
Clinical Personal Fitness Trainer
Massage, Iridology
Biochemic Medicine
Sports Injuries

Stephen was born in the East End of London, where he grew up, and still lives. After some early brushes with the law, he decided that things had to change. He discovered that he had a gift for cooking, and was employed by top class hotels and restaurants including the Dorchester, The Ritz, Le Meridian and the Goring Hotel, ending up as a master chef. Then he became seriously ill.

Being ill made him want to study to find out more about health issues. He discovered BSY, and enrolled on a couple of the courses to test them out. When he saw how practical the courses were, and how they got straight to the point, he decided to do more, 17 more, in fact.

So far he has graduated in Nutritional Therapy, Allergies: Testing and Treatments, Advanced Herbalism, Kinesiology, Counselling Skills (Basic), Advanced Counselling Skills, Homoeopathy, Non-Surgical Footcare, Drama Healing Therapy, Clinical Personal Fitness Trainer, Massage, Iridology, Reflexology, Advanced Reflexology, Biochemic Medicine, Advanced Biochemic Medicine, Sports Injuries, Shiatsu, and Naturopathy.

He feels the courses are “very, very good”. So good in fact that he enrolled on two more, Advanced Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy (curative), which he is studying at the moment:

Stephen used to live on junk food and too much beer, but by changing
his diet, exercising regularly, and applying what he had learnt in his studies of nutrition, he lost weight and improved his health considerably, overcoming asthma and gastrointestinal problems. In short he turned his life around. It was then he decided he wanted to help others to do the same.

Now Stephen has a clinic in Harley Street, another in East Ham in East London, and Stephen visits clients in their own homes. Stephen has also written a book, How to Master Your Health and Happiness, which is available from Amazon.

Stephen believes that you have to understand how the whole body works and treat it holistically to bring about healing. By combining his PhD in Holistic Nutrition with all the different therapies he has studied with BSY, Stephen has been able to heal people who have not been helped by conventional medicine. Stephen has his own website (www.stephen-ferguson.co.uk) which contains video testimonials of some of the people he has helped.