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Sarah Plater |Student with The Writers Bureau – become a published writer

Sarah Plater’s story

“I’m currently working on my fourth book, have been paid for my writing by at least 15 different magazines, and now earn half my income from writing – all thanks to The Writers Bureau’s course.

“My most recent published book is Mastering Portrait Photography which has been in the top ten of its section since November 2015 and has an overall 5-star rating from over 30 reviews. The publisher, Ammonite Press, have sold out of the initial 5,000 print run and have just ordered another 5,000 to be printed for the start of 2017.

“My co-author from that book is one of the UK’s most prominent portrait photographers, Paul Wilkinson. We are working on a series of video tutorials to supplement the book.

“This is typical, in my experience: I’ve found that each bit of success opens up another opportunity – a new book, an article, or even a partnership with someone I would otherwise have never met.

“I launched my first ever Kickstarter campaign (a funding platform for creative projects) for another non-fiction book idea, Go To Sleep. Competition for funding is particularly intense in the publishing section with only 36% ever achieving their funding target. Happily mine was not only successful, but achieved 120% of its funding target. I quickly opened an online store to take additional pre-orders and have started receiving orders already.

“I’ve been interviewed for a how-to-piece on crowd funding books for Writing Magazine and I was commissioned by the same magazine to write about getting a reference book published. This shows that The Writers Bureau course has not only given me the confidence to get published, it’s given me the skills to become good enough to teach others.

“I also spend half my working week researching, writing and editing content for Business to Business (B2B) companies.

“The success with my writing led me to set up a company, Mr and Ms Creative, in April 2016. I have a forecast turnover of £40,000 for my first year of trading (based on actual turnover of £20,000 in the first six months).

“I’ve learned from my recent experiences that – with determination, effort and investment in improving your skills – anything really is possible”

Congratulations to Sarah Plater on her amazing success, and on her awards.