Roni Penny |Student with London Art College – art courses on the web

Roni Penny cartoon” I am Roni. I am 23 now. I like pictures. I like to draw and paint about animals. My favourite colour is red”. This is how my son expressed himself verbally when I asked him how to introduce himself. I would like to add a bit more about him.
My son Roni has autism, dyslexia, dyspraxia and epilepsy. He has communication difficulties. He has been on ABA behavioural therapy since he was young. Since then he has made a good progress despite his challenging conditions. He can read and write, he can use his IPAD, he plays piano. He was stimulated through the distant learning art courses from the London Art College.

We have broken down the tasks and adjusted the course materials for him to absorb them much easily, it worked. Of course I have to say that the tutors’ great understanding and providing their professional support in the courses played an important role for his progress and I am grateful to all those who involved for his learning. I particularly thank his tutor John Byrne from the Cartoon Course for his nomination for my son and we would like to share one of his nice card designs from this course.

I am very pleased that Roni’s hard work and his simple drawings have brought some positive outcomes! This is a reward for me and hopefully for him.