Rodica Petrea |Student with The Distance Learning Partnership

A Thirst for knowledge, ambition and big dreams


  • Institute of Certified Bookkeepers Membership
  • Certificate in Bookkeeping
  • Level I
  • Certificate in Manual Bookkeeping Level II
  • Certificate in Computerised Bookkeeping Level II
  • Diploma in Manual Bookkeeping Level III
  • Diploma in Computerised Bookkeeping Level III

Rodica enrolled for the course in August and passed all five examinations, with a Distinction in each, to qualify for full Membership of the Institute by the end of November. This is something of a record and is certainly a remarkable achievement! (She did very well on her course assignments too.)

Rodica writes: “I am 23 years old, originating from a tiny country called Moldova. I took my Bachelor’s degree in Economics in June 2010 (in my country), studied business and finance in the US for a year, and finally just completed a Book-keeping course with DLP.ICB Membership.

I have a thirst for knowledge, ambition and big dreams. Studying at DLP was a great experience and I must say that I really had fun while studying! Not because there were any funny pictures in my study materials but most because this course was a constant challenge which I was determined to tackle. And on top of all, I had the best tutor ever.”

Rodica was placed 1st out of 16 graduates in specialties at the University of Moldova and was an exchange student at Grambling State University Louisiana USA after being awarded a fellowship through the Global UGRAD in Eurasia & Central Asia Program. She was a volunteer at a local centre for children with special needs in Moldova and founded a joint Association ‘Avante’ in 2005 which aimed to engage teenagers to participate in community projects.