Ria Cohen |Student with BSY Group – Courses to change your life

Pink Lotus!

Courses: Pre and Post-Natal Yoga Teacher, Personal Fitness Trainer

When Ria started studying with BSY she was a domestic violence lawyer in Cornwall with an interest in keeping fit. After completing her BSY Diploma in Personal Fitness Trainer in 2007 she set up a bridal boot camp to train brides wishing to drop a dress size before their weddings.

In May 2008 she was made redundant by her law firm,. Devastated, she knew it would be difficult to find a similar job in the locality. She decided to focus her attention on her fitness career. She studied for and qualified as a Yoga Teacher, and immediately got offers to run classes. Since then she has also studied Pre and Post Natal Yoga.

Ria set up her own school of Yoga, which is called “Pink Lotus”. She runs pregnancy classes, and has recently started a group called “Mellow Mammas”, which is a power pramming group for mothers with babies in pushchairs!

We are very proud of Ria’s determination to build a new career out of an interest, and to recover from the devastating experience of being made redundant from a job she loved.