Premi Bonomally |Student with BSY Group – Courses to change your life

Specialist in Complementary Therapies


Advanced Reflexology
Advanced Aromatherapy
Hot Stone Therapy Course
Thai Massage

Premi is a Registered General Nurse and Therapeutic and Holistic Nurse Therapist specialising in complementary therapies in palliative care.

In 2000 Premi was selected to take a place on the Political Leadership Programme by the RCN Complementary Therapies Forum Committee. As part of her studies Premi had to work on an issue that would enhance patient’s care. Premi researched “Complementary Therapies should be accessible to all patients who have access to them”. As a result of her work her MP took the issue to the Secretary of State for Health and the Minister of Health.

Premi is also a member of the RCN Complementary Therapists Forum Committee. She has been an active member for six years producing research work and design policy in the field of Complementary Therapies for nurses. Premi contributed to guidelines and policy on good practice for Complementary Therapies in the clinical practice. Premi has also been an executive board member for the RCN South West Region representing nursing, therapeutic, clinical and supportive care for 9 years.

At present, Premi works as a therapist in a district hospital in Plymouth, providing support and various therapies to staff in the emergency department and to all health care professionals who need them due to stress.

Premi grows her own flowers and herbs and manufactures natural and organic facials and body products for men and women.

Premi feels that BSY is an ideal establishment which enables students to continue their professional development in Complementary therapies. As Premi is in full time employment, she wanted to study at her own time and pace and felt that with a BSY course this was possible. Premi continues her studies and is currently enrolled on BSY’s Stress Consultant Course and Starting Your Own Complementary Business Course.