Martin Kiley |Student with Animal Care College – Caring for people caring for animals

Martin Kiley

My name is Martin Kiley and I am 36 years old. I grew up in south London in a troubled family. I attended Primary school but after a family tragedy I did not return to school. I moved into a flat when I was 16 and got myself 2 dogs; that is when I became interested in in dogs and dog breeding. I have been involved in the breeding of dogs and care of them ever since and have produced some winning dogs.

Later I made some poor life choices and ended up in prison but I have been given the opportunity to achieve many qualifications [English, Maths, IT, Fitness, Life skills and Enterprise] and educated myself throughout this time. I have also learned to transcribe Braille, I am a member of the RNIB Institute and have transcribed books for the blind. I recently completed a course on Caring for Animals and am currently studying a Dog Breeding course with the Animal Care College. These will help me achieve my goals in life to look after and care for them in a kennel environment as well as breeding them to a high standard.

A positive path

I am grateful for the opportunity I have been given to study and feel that it has helped me re-evaluate my life and given me a positive path for my future.