Mark Foster |Student with HCC – The Horticultural Correspondence College

Arboriculture student to become a tutor

Student of Arboriculture with HCC

Mark has produced work at this higher HCC Diploma CCHH Level, to a consistently superb standard. Written material, graphics, and general presentational approach have been organised in such a way to meet the needs of the more advanced research and presentation at Diploma level.

The overall quality of this work for advanced study has been outstanding – and well worthy of an award of certificate of merit.

As Mark is a Professional practising arborist – I have suggested that he might act as an HCC Arb Tutor in the future; experience such as his will be an invaluable resource for the new HCC in the coming years.

Mark says –
I run my own arboriculture business that includes practical tree work, tree surveys, consultation. tree planting and installations in trees. In my day-to-day practice I am climbing trees, touching them and learning about how they wish to be whilst balancing clients requirements and needs. I actively promote good tree management and attempt to guide tree owners into a greater tree friendly approach whilst specifying works. I believe that we require to think very carefully about how humanised planet Earth has become for us to regain a respect for the importance of the natural world. In short, we need to plant more trees today and look after our ageing collection meantime.

I have enjoyed my course through HCC and feel satisfied that the Diploma course has brought my arboricultural knowledge to a new level that has given me more confidence to mould my business direction.