Liz Greenway |Student with Ideal Schools – courses in bookkeeping & accounting

Achieving a dream

Studying ICB Career Path with Ideal Schools
This student showed immense determination to complete her training and get qualified. We asked her for some words on her own study experiences, which really highlight the advantages of home study.

“Having come from a family of self-employed people, it was always an ambition to one day do the same. After a couple of admin / accounts jobs and a break from work to get married and raise a family I decided that now was the time to go it alone and set up my own business, starting with offering freelance admin services and to eventually be able to offer bookkeeping services including payroll and self assessment. I made the decision to get regulated through the ICB and as such study through a distance learning provider to enable this. I thought this would be the best option as it would fit around the family, house and other commitments I already had. I chose the ICB Career path with Ideal Schools as although I had some skills from previous studies and work, I thought it would be good to improve on those old skills and learn new topics never previously covered. The course being 3 years I felt would be plenty of time and I initially set out with the goal in mind of completing it in 12 months, I thought this was quite an achievable realistic goal, but oh boy was I wrong. Going back to studying was hard with a young family and house to run. Even though I had the full support of my husband and children, there was always something that was more important that needed doing and the studying got put back and back. The 12 month goal became a distant dream and I thought I would never complete it in time. I have to say though with every exam passed along the way, a sense of I can and I will came into play and the end seemed closer and more achievable. Finally after nearly the 3 years, I got my final result of 100% and my Practice Licence and I can honestly say how proud of myself I felt. Despite having a young family as well as a few personal and family problems along the way I managed it and am now venturing on a new journey of setting up my new business – Solve It Bookkeeping. I have to admit I’m finding it all a bit daunting, but exciting at the same time.”