Lee Oakley |Student with National College of Technology – engineering courses online

CAD for Art & Design

After leaving school, Lee went into construction, starting in the window industry with his first job in fabrication / manufacturing and working on the full assembly process. With a few years experience he was given the opportunity to become a window fitter/surveyor/service engineer, a position that he held for a number of years. Lee went on to have many jobs in the construction industry, ranging from groundwork’s to demolition.

Later he was approached by a sheet metal company and offered a job to learn the sheet metal engineering process which suited to his creative nature. Later he became a CNC laser operator which gave him his first taste of AutoCAD.

It was an easy transition as he always had a love for art & design. It was his specialist subject at school, where he gained A+ in his G.C.S.E’s. He still draws and designs tattoos, logo’s and wall murals.

In 2008, he had to leave the sheet metal industry and go back to construction, where he become a shop fitter working for Tesco’s all over the country, fitting tills.

Unfortunately, in 2013 he had an accident at work, which put an end to manual/physical work for the foreseeable future…. He realised that he was going to have to retrain for a new career. At this time he was very unsure and uncertain where his future was going, until he found an NCT Online distance learning AutoCAD course. It was an obvious choice, as he had previously had experience and fallen in love with CAD software, plus his love for art & design.

Lee is now looking forward to obtaining all the qualifications needed so he can further himself and his career. Lee said “I hope to have a very successful future, utilizing all the CAD skills and knowledge in have gained from my NCT distance learning course.”
Lee completed his CAD course in only a few weeks and completed the assessments and final assessment with flying colours. His NCT tutor was very complementary saying “Lee should be congratulated on the speed and quality of his study work. He is one of the best students I have looked after.” A fine compliment indeed.