Katy Long |Student with BSY Group – Courses to change your life

Holistic Healing

Katy spent time in hospital during her teens and felt lucky to discover the wonder of yoga practice and relaxation. This led to her studying for and gaining holistic therapy skills and a holistic way of living opened up to her.

After qualifying at college in Swedish Body Massage, Anatomy and Physiology and Indian Head Massage. Katy also added Spiritual Healing, Reiki and Thai Foot Massage practitioner to her list of achievements.
Holistic Healing

In 2006 Katy discovered BSY and this enabled her to fulfil her deepest dream of becoming a Hatha Yoga Teacher. In addition, she has expanded her studies to include Pilates and Kinesiology. Katy is hoping to qualify as a curative hypnotherapist and professional relaxation therapist in the near future.

With mounting health issues and challenges in recent years, Katy truly feels that she has “come home” through the opportunity of studying from home with BSY. Katy enjoys research and says that she relishes “becoming lost in her studies and that the extensive choice of courses bring no end of colour, joy and positive benefits to her life”.

Having just embarked on BSY’s Advanced Crystal Healing and Nutritional Therapy courses she is now aiming to qualify in these areas and with such a wealth of knowledge and holistic skills already achieved she feels able to help others and bring this enrichment to their lives also.