Jon Agbatar |Student with Ideal Schools – courses in bookkeeping & accounting

Rocky road to self-employment

Student of AAT with Ideal Schools

After working in Dubai for a couple years I used the money I saved to become self-employed. I have been self-employed now for approximately three years and to say it has been a very rocky road would be a massive understatement. There have been a lot of ups and downs, unfortunately a lot more downs than ups which have consequently forced me to sink a large portion of my life savings into being self employed.

Currently I work part time to keep my head above water and full time self-employed. I knew studying for my AAT would really stretch me financially but I know gaining this highly regarded qualification will be well worth it. Thankfully I came across the home study/distance learning option, which would work perfectly with busy work schedule and allow me to get my head down in the course material at every opportunity. Working two jobs and trying to study at the same time is very challenging but the road to a successful career is not a straight one with many obstacles and this is one of them.

I have completed level 2 reasonably quickly and my goal is to become level 4 qualified within 12 months. My short to medium term goal is to go on and study to become a chartered accountant. Being an ambitious individual my main goal is to have my own Chartered Accountancy practice one day.