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Elise Jones |Student with The Writers Bureau – become a published writer

“I wanted to be published” – Elise Jones’s story.


“Having attended various writing groups, my fictional stories had all been well received but I wanted more than praise – lovely as that was – I wanted to be published on a regular basis and that is where The Writers Bureau came to my aid.

“The Writers Bureau Creative Writing course was a wonderful vehicle to get me on track and my tutor was always there to give that extra confidence and critical response.

“During the last three years I have been caring for my dear late husband, David, who is sadly missed. However during this time of caring and multi-tasking I kept up with my Writers Bureau course. I was writing fictional work and articles on the backs of envelopes and scraps of notebook paper, all of which were scattered around the house and finally marshalled up to be typed on my laptop.

“I was being encouraged by The Writers Bureau to send out my work. This I did. Having sent out seven pieces five of them have been published.

“My style of writing has become quite eclectic – from writing nostalgia articles for Yours magazine to sizzling erotica. All of which has given me immense pleasure and confidence.

“A piece I wrote for Spirit and Destiny magazine brought me my first cheque. When he saw it, my late husband smiled and squeezed my hand and said, ‘Now you’re a published writer.’ It was a heart-warming moment for us.

“This is not the end of the story. Thanks to The Writers Bureau I do not have to chew the end of my pen these days.”

Congratulations to Elise Jones on her success and her awards.