Dr Nicola Rowan-Brooks |Student with BSY Group – Courses to change your life

A passion for Yoga

Yoga Teacher (Hatha)
Advanced Yoga Teacher (Hatha)
Pre- and Post-Natal Yoga Teacher
Following Nicola’s first yoga lesson at the local gym she was fascinated and determined that, one day, she would like nothing more than to teach this beautiful philosophical and physical form. Having discovered BSY on the internet she proceeded to undertake and pass courses in Hatha Yoga Teacher and Advanced Hatha Yoga Teacher, and from these and her own experience believes that her life has been totally altered, for the better.

She was offered positions at local gyms as a Yoga Instructor and started her own classes and workshops. She never believed that a year could make such an impact upon her entire life, in terms of life style and well-being, and is reaping the rewards of watching others benefit from her knowledge. The more she learned the more she realised what she did not know, and she has since successfully completed courses for Pre- and Post-natal Yoga and Pilates.

Nicola believes her most difficult challenge is to correct the prejudices that she perceives surround Yoga – i.e. that it is a gentle class for older people, with gyms inclined to offer just one class a week, time-tabled somewhere inconspicuous and inconvenient. People are always surprised when they attend one of her classes as she does her utmost to ensure that participants experience all aspects of Yoga. She is looking forward to many more years of working on people’s perceptions.