Blagojche Arsovski |Student with Ideal Schools – courses in bookkeeping & accounting

Macedonian Maths Graduate qualifies as an Accountant

I have a bachelor degree in Maths gained at University in Macedonia.I found it very difficult to gain the QTS (Qualified Teacher Status) here in UK because I came from a non-EU country, but I also realised that occupation as a teacher is not of much interest to me.

I decided to re-qualify and get a qualification here in UK. I chose Accounting because is closely related to maths and numbers. I had no doubt when I was choosing classroom or distance learning. I had previous experience with distance learning and it was the way of learning that suits me.

To be honest fact that distance courses are much cheaper than the classroom was one of the reasons to choose home study, but not the only one. Home study is very convenient for me as a family person with a toddler at home, so I can choose my own times to study. I did not go for a classroom course because I knew it that the pace was going to be too slow for me. With distance study you are more flexible and can choose your own pace and make your own plan and strategy of learning. At the same time you receive full, permanent, and very productive support and feedback from your tutors.

I am unemployed at the moment and my ambitions are to complete AAT Level 3 and 4 as quickly as I can. I hope that the AAT qualification will help me to start a new career in Accounting, which I feel strongly will suit me.