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Annette Brooks |Student with The Writers Bureau – become a published writer

Annette Brooks – my story

The best way I can think to illustrate how much I’ve gained from the course is to go back a bit and describe how things were before I started. I nearly didn’t even do the course. Due to daily seizures, I had to give up a job I loved and had not even been able to get any volunteer posts. I was starting to feel like I wasn’t even expected to do anything which not only was starting to get me down but make me feel like my brain was dribbling out of my ears from lack of use. Added to this I am also severely dyslexic, so I filed the idea under ‘impossible’ at first but about a month later, after watching a speech by Liz Murray, I decided I had nothing to lose and at least it would give me something to do. I’m glad I did. Now, nearly a year later, I feel like I have a life again.

It was a struggle at first as I had days when I couldn’t write a word and became frustrated when I was too ill to work. However, the course gave me a focus, along with much-needed structure; so I continued. A while later it paid off, literally. I wrote a blog for a friend for a site she manages, just expecting her to use the idea and re-write it, but she loved it and so did the owner of the site. I still remember seeing my words on the screen after it was posted. I kept clicking back on the site as if I expected them not to be there when I went back. I couldn’t believe it. Then I got the news that not only did the owner of the site want me to keep writing for them, but he liked it so much had had upped his budget to pay for a blog every three weeks.

I now regularly write three blogs, after picking up a new one this month. More important than the money, I have grown in confidence and feel recognised as a person again. I feel like I have found a way to work round the obstacles life has thrown at me. I am starting to believe I have a future.

I aim to start promoting my work this year and hope to pick up a further 10 blogs along with looking at other avenues of work later in the year. I have even set up my own business in anticipation!