Alessandra Lanzalaco |Student with Ideal Schools – courses in bookkeeping & accounting

Alessandra is making huge strides at a very young age in the world of finance after successfully completing courses – in just two years – with Ideal Schools.


Alessandra Lanzalaco, 22 was born in Italy to Italian parents, but moved to London as a baby. She has had an interest in accounting since the age of 14 and saw it kindled during her GCSEs. She wanted to start the AAT studies at 18, but it wasn’t financially viable then. But, when she applied for an entry level Accounts Administrator role, her employer – Red Snapper Recruitment – offered her the job, as well as the possibility to study for the AAT qualification, funded by the company. She leapt at the opportunity.


Alessandra started studying for the AAT Level 2 at just 20, and had completed Level 3 just before her 22nd birthday. Her diligence and determination paid off when she won the Ideal Schools AAT Student of the Year award against stiff competition, but she’s not stopping there.


She said: “I am planning on taking my accountancy studies further, and I am aiming to pass my Level 4, then, to go on to become a Certified or Chartered Accountant. I was studying while working full time, which was not easy, but I was determined to make the most of this opportunity, and this helped me pass each level in under a year.”


We feel Alessandra has excelled considering her age, her peers enjoying the student life, and the fact she also had a full time job to do. She will be 23 and have completed AAT 2-4 in her own time which is quite an achievement.