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Certificates of Merit 
The ABCC awards Certificates of Merit to students who have captured the imagination of their course providers. 
Member Colleges may nominate any student they choose, but an appropriate candidate might be someone who has - 
retrained to get back into employment 
achieved an outstanding exam or course result 
overcome personal difficulties to achieve his/her goal 
"I am really happy to have been given the outstanding learner certificate, I have it framed and use it as motivation when I try to procrastinate because I really want to get that again for the level 3 if that is possible." 
Brandon George, recent winner 
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Tracey Thomas 
Student with  
London Art College 
Digital Illustration 

Tracey demonstrated considerable improvement and enthusiasm. She was a superb student and took on board all of my feedback. All of this from a wheelchair using a pointer rigged up to her head. 
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Tracey's story -  
I went into Barnardo’s care when I was four years old because I had severe Cerebral Palsy and my mum and grandparents couldn't cope. I’m very pleased I did go into care because I wouldn't have had any life at home. My nan used to tell people I had a mental disability. 
I had a good education although it wasn't a standard one. We weren’t pushed to do exams. I did do my English O’level because my English teacher and headmaster said I had talent in writing. Upon leaving school at seventeen they encouraged me to be a writer. 
My school days were the best of my life. I went into an adult type of care home where we were taught how to one day live in our own flats. I moved out into my flat when I was twenty five. My boyfriend who also had Cerebral Palsy suddenly died a week before I moved and my mum was told she had M.S. it wasn't a great time to be moved out of care. I got through it. 
In 2004 I got really interested in art. I went to on a small art college in the East End of London and I absolutely loved it. Since then drawing on my PC has taken me away from writing which I didn't really enjoy anyway. Doing art was my first passion from that moment. 
Doing the course at the London Art College just made me love it more. My tutor Spencer Hill is one of my heroes. He has been so encouraging, even after the course. He made the course so enjoyable. He is a great guy. 
I would like to create my own style of cartoon characters and my dream would be for someone to like them and make something like The Simpsons out of my characters. That’s my dream. 
I would like to do another course in portrait drawing as I like drawing faces. 
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